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Avadhoot Baba Mangal Dhan Ram


To achieve the objectives of the organization following programs are run:

  1. Education - we help needy and orphan children with text books, fees etc every year.
  2. Health - we help the sick persons with the required medicines and the doctor assistance free of cost, all round the year. Blood donation camps are held timely.
  3. Environment - For the clean and healthy environment, every year we run afforestation program and the seasonal flowers and the fruits are planted in the ashram every year.
  4. Spiritual - By organizing the ritual worship during Navaratra, Shivaratri and Gurupurnima to develop good character and teach humanity in the society. Simple living and high thinking is the basis of the spiritual life.

  5. Social - We help the family to remain united and work for the upliftment of their family. We educate people about their importance in the society and help them develop the civilized society.


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