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Avadhoot Baba Mangal Dhan Ram

  The brief introduction of Avadhoot Baba Mangal Dhan Ram in his own words:  

I was born in 1973 A.D. in Nepal-India border area, Tribeni dhaam, near Balmikinagar, a small village, in a Raghu Bansa Kshatriya traditional family. With the kind blessings of my kind hearted loving mother and a religious minded responsible disciplinarian father, I had the opportunity to serve at the lotus feet of Shri Aghoreshwar. As a child my parents taught me the importance of life in this universe and directed me to devote my life in the service of humanity.

After receiving the blessings from Shri Aghoreshwar Mahapravu and his respected mother Maha Maitrayini Yogini, I stayed with his first disciple Aughad Singha Sawak Ram babaji in Girnar Ashram, Dildarnagar, Gazipur. During my stay with my Guru Devjee I had to perform many rituals and sadhana of the aghor tradition under Guru Devjee’s supervision. Guru Devjee then blessed me by giving the “Aghor Sanyas Diksha”. After “Diksha” I was instructed to go to Pashupati region, which is in (Kathmandu) Nepal, for the agayat baas (Secret Sadhana) for one year. After completing this special Sadhana, I was again sent to Mount Girnar, Kamaru Kamakhaya, Tarapeeth, Chhinamasta, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Badrinath, Baisnavdevi, Kanya Kumari, Bindhyachal and Mount Kailash etc.


As per my Guru Devjee’s instructions I chose the Himalayan region to start my sadhana in the service of all the living beings. I have started from the highest peak of the world, the Mount Everest, from which I will spread the Aghoreshwar Mahapravu’s teachings to the rest of the world. The main objective of my life is to show the path to the practioner, disciples and devotees of the Aghoreshwar.

As requested by some devotees for the service to the mankind I thought of establishing the Aghor Ashram in Nepal for the first time with the permission of the government of Nepal. Firstly I started the organization Shree Parameshwari Sewa Kendra on 2053B.S (1996A.D), in which I am the founder patron of the Kendra. The Sudharma Ashram was established in Dhaksi, Kathmandu . The Aghor Sadhana sthal was constructed at the Fulchowki, the highest hill top on the southern side of the Kathmandu Valley.

Then again to help the more needy people of Dhadkhola in Kabhre district, the Pashupati Brahma Nishta Ashram was established as the branch of Shree Parameshwari Sewa Kendra. Other branches were also opened such as “Avadhoot Sthal” in Bharatpur and “Aghor Ashram” in Biratnagar in the Terai region. Shree Ma Guru Nari Samooh was registered in 2059 B.S. (2002A.D) to help the needy and the suffering women and their children. Land has been acquired in Gunsa, in Sindhupalchok district for the construction of an Aghor Kuti fo the upliftment of poor suffering women. It is registered in the name of “Mateshwari Dham”.

All those who helped me in establishing these ashrams, I am indebted to them and I am sure that they will be rewarded somehow for their good work. In reality the achievement of human life is to be self satisfied and to adapt yourself to the people with whom you are living. Have faith in the work you are doing and respecting it will benefit you. This faith in the work will lead to success and that will raise your confidence. If you agree with the work I am doing then I request you to join hands with me to help me in this noble work.

If a human being has a healthy body and a pure mind then he could have an enlightened thought which will lead to making his life simple and organized. I wish all human beings to have simple, organised and a peaceful life. I want to share the elixir of my good feelings with those who lack health, wealth and wisdom so that they will feel my presence even after I am gone.

Om Hara Hara Mahadeva !


Shree Parameshwari Sewa Kendra
Sudharma Ashram
Dhaksi, Ward No 8,
Matatirtha, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Shree Ma-Guru Nari Samooh
Aghor kuti, Bishnu Dwar Shivapuri,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
General Post box-8633,

avadhootmangaldhan@yahoo.com avadhootmangaldhan@gmail.com


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