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Introduction of Avadhoot Baba Mangal Dhan Ram


Aghor Tradition


The word Aghor literally means, that which is not difficult or terrible. Aghor, Aughad, Kapalik, Aghori, Aughar, Avadhoot mean the same. They indicate one which is simple and natural state of consciousness. Spiritually does not require any special knowledge, faith, worship or ritual. All it requires is inspiration, determination and perseverance and patience. There is no place for feelings of fear, hatred, disgust or discrimination in the eyes of an Aghor. Aghor with constant practice when the soul is established in that state, such a person becomes an Avadhoot regardless of his path. An Aghoreshwar is an Avadhoot who has gone through all the various stages of Aghor and they have..........Read more.


Shree Parameshwari Sewa Kendra
Sudharma Ashram
Dhaksi, Ward No 8,
Matatirtha, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Shree Ma-Guru Nari Samooh
Aghor kuti, Bishnu Dwar Shivapuri,
Kathmandu, Nepal.
General Post box-8633,

avadhootmangaldhan@yahoo.com avadhootmangaldhan@gmail.com


I was born in 1973 A.D. in Nepal-India border area, Tribeni dhaam, near Balmikinagar, a small village, in a Raghu Bansa Kshatriya traditional family. With the kind blessings of my kind hearted loving mother and a religious minded responsible disciplinarian father, I had the opportunity to serve at the lotus feet of Shri Aghoreshwar. As a child my parents taught me the importance of life in this universe and directed me to devote my life in the service of humanity.

After receiving the blessings from Shri Aghoreshwar Mahapravu and his respected mother Maha Maitrayini Yogini, I stayed with his first disciple Aughad Singha Sawak Ram babaji in......Read more.


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